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Web Site Design for Authors

If you're serious about marketing your books, you definitely need your own web site to tell the world about yourself, market your books, and keep your fans updated on what's going on in your world. If you like to blog, I can also design a Wordpress blog to match your site design so it appears seamless.

Having a brand identity is important in looking professional and polished. Your web site, blog, Facebook page, business cards, and other marketing tools should all have a similar look and feel.

A poorly designed web site is just as bad as a bad book cover. You need to look sharp and professional. Your site should be layed out well and be easy to navigate. Again, most authors don't want to invest a lot of time into designing web sites and want to focus on writing. So, let me lend a hand and design a beautiful web site for you!

Portfolio of Web Sites

I am currently accepting a very limited amount of web design projects.

Penelope Douglas

Client Name: Author Penelope Douglas
Web Link:


LL Collins

Client Name: Author LL Collins
Web Link:


Aria Williams

Client Name: Author Aria Williams
Web Link:


Nina Rowan

Client Name: Author Nina Rowan
Web Link:

Email from Nina after seeing her design for the first time:

"WOW! WOW WOW! Kari, it's beautiful -- I love it. The fonts and whole design are just perfect, and whatever you did with that front image of Passion for Pleasure is AMAZING. It looks like it's just about to leap off the page"

Kristine Mason

Client Name: Author Kristine Mason
Web Link:

Sandy Sullivan
Client Name: Author Sandy Sullivan
Web Link:

This site is using the online editor, allowing Sandy to update her own site in a web browser with no software or web design knowledge needed!

What You Get with Your Web Site

I've been designing unique, custom web sites for 15 years. Being a pet lover, most of my site designs have been pet related, however, I have also designed small business sites, sites for musicians, and many other artists. I can design for any subject or content. I focus on eye-catching, functional web sites without the fluff or clutter that you don't need. I also can integrate a very easy to use, web-based module that will allow you to edit your own content after I design your site. You don't need any software - you do it all right in your web browser. This allows you to add/edit pictures and images, and add/edit text. I am happy to provide references, just ask!

A lot of people are under the impression that a web site is going to cost them $1,000 or more. My full site designs start at $500! I will work with you to stay in your budget.

Here is what a web site designed by me will include:

  • Web site domain (www address) registration and hosting (or we can use your existing domain name)
  • All graphic design necessary to create logo, background, and other design elements
  • Unlimited email addresses to match your site domain (
  • Photograph editing and retouching
  • Necessary meta tags, keywords, and search engine optimization
  • Search engine submission
  • Matching Wordpress blog page
  • Matching Facebook graphic (if desired)
  • My easy to use, web-based site editor - you can make your own edits and updates if you'd like!
  • Paypal and feedback integration (upon request)
  • I can provide maintenance to update and edit your site as needed for an affordable hourly fee
  • Download section for viewers to download files (pdf's, images, files, etc.)
  • Fast, friendly service that is affordable!

How Do We Get Started?

  • Please email me to let me know about your project. A deposit is due to start a project
  • Let me know what you would like your web address to be, and also if you'd like a matching email address (
  • We'll go over the details of your page breakdown, how you want your site to look, etc.
  • Send me your written content (I can help you with this!), and any images and photos you'd like on your site
  • I will send you a mock-up of the site design
  • I will make any changes that you request to the mock-up until we achieve a design that you love
  • After receiving final payment, I will upload your site live to the web


I accept PayPal payments and personal checks. Contact me for payment details.


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